Diane Pearson

Mystery with romance for your amusement!

View life from a different perspective, read a mystery.


A collection of soft mysteries.
     When Mary gets a birthday card from an old friend, the door opens to revenge, murder, and escape in this revised version of Counting the Days.
     Because of her past, Jaimie vows to stay away from police scrutiny. Problems arise when her best friend arranges a blind date with the detective in charge of the murder investigation of her mentor in Fire at the Bent Fork Café.
     Problems arise when a stressed-out project manager is whisked away in the handsome IT contractor’s private jet thinking it's a joke in Surprise at High Altitude.
     In Too Much Gin, a night of partying goes awry when a young woman tries to impress her dream date. Can she get out of the mess she created?

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     In this collection presented by the Northern Lights Writers of Minnesota, my story The Bent Fork Cafe is about arson, murder and a chili cook off.

     The will to succeed is strong for Jaymie, a recovering alcoholic who works as a bartender and delivers newspapers for extra money. (Of course you might ask why would she put herself in temptation's way?) Jaymie has her reasons, but when a friend is killed her support system is destroyed. And worse, the blind date her girlfriend has arranged, turns out to be the detective in charge of the homicide investigation after she vowed to stay far far away from police radar.

     In this collection, my story is Counting the Days.

     Mary never expected her life in a north woods resort to turn to isolation and include an oppressive marriage. When she gets mail and reconnects to an old friend, the door opens to revenge, murder, and escape. Mary's letters tell the story.

   (Author note: book originally published in 2011 and reissued May 2018)

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